Thursday, April 19, 2012

Khadi Amla Hair Oil Review

A Horrible Exp.

Hello to everyone,

This is my first post on my blog.I have been following and reading few blogs  for some time now.
I have never used any herbal product for my hair but after  reading reviews about KHADI products,
i thought to give a try To Khadi Amla Hair Oil And here is the review about it i just used it once and now i dont want to try in future ever.This is how it looks like,it come in a plastic bottle like all other Khadi Products.The packaging is not very impressive.

I bought few Khadi products online so ASAP i got the oil ,i applied it and after 2 hours i washed my hair.And here starts the Horrible
story about this Oil.I washed my hair 3 times in shower but the oil was still there.I came out of shower thought it would be okay once my hair would be dry,
But after air drying hair the oil was still there in my scalp and it was feeling like glue ,like i have applied a glue on my hair.
After 2 hours i washed my hair again thinking to remove that glue from hair and this time i washed hair 2 times but still no luck.
Thank god ,i had my day off the next day so i wasnt that worried coz i was home,coz i never wanted to go to office with glue on my hair.
Next morning i washed my hair again with shampoo and guess what it was still there and Now i started to think what have i done
to my hair.They have become like a mask now.The next day i took leave from office telling i was sick(as usual wahi purana leave lene ka bahana)
and i told all this to my husband and he told me try cloth washing soap(Apna purana Naulakha Sabun) at first i thought he is joking
but i went ahead i washed my hair with Soap and guess the oil was not there.
It was BIG RELIEF.Finally i got rid of that GLUE OIL ,more than i regret buying this Oil, i was worried that i would lose my hair.
But a Big Thanks to my hubby.Finally my hair back in same structure.

I really don't think i need to mention Cons & pros here about this Oil.

So that was the story and i really wanted to share this coz after reading reviews and good things about particular product,
we go ahead and buy things but sometimes it could be a disaster.

Hope that was helpful.


Nisha Khan


  1. scary was abt to buy this bt dropped last mein

  2. was scary for as well,after that i swore that i would never try any herbal product for my hair...

  3. Can you please give tips on growing hair long!! Xxx

    1. sure farrah ,i will share all the DIY for hair which i do for my hair very soon..

  4. For some reason, I always experience this with amla hair oils. When I tried Dabur Amla, the oil just didn't go, no matter how many times I shampooed! The smell was so strong that my boyfriend noticed and said my hair smells funny :P

  5. Make your own Amla oil . All you need is a base / carrier oil like Mustard Oil or Coconut oil ( I use coconut ) . Add a handful of dried Amla pieces to half a cup oil and heat it over low flame . When the mixture turns dark brown remove from stove /gas . Allow it to cool , strain and use . I do this all the time . There is no smell after I shampoo and I know it's pure unlike these other stinky oils you get in the market .


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