Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Biotique Bio Pineapple Fresh Foaming Cleansing Gel Review

Hey beauties,
I have super oily and acne prone skin so i am always looking for cleanser which can clean my large pores.After searching online and after reading so many good reviews about this product ,i bought this.

Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Simple Summer Skin Care Tips

The temperature is crossing 43°C everyday and the humidity is killing us all.And i prefer less makeup in hot days coz i have super oily skin and i dont want so amny layers of makeup on my face in this humid.Here are some simple and easy summer skincare tips which i follow and it helps so i am sharing with you all.

1) Use sunscreen with a high SPF and reapply as needed. Most of our skin's aging occurs during the summer due to the more time spent outdoors in the sun. Apply sunscreen in the morning and make sure to reapply after a few hours.I use lakme Sunscreen.
2) Wear sunglasses daily. This cuts down on the sun damage to your face.Most standard car windshields do not protect you from harmful UV rays while driving.So while driving as well we should wear sunglasses.
3)Use Face Wash not a soap to wash your face. Lots of  people gripe about in the summer is that "My skin gets so oily!". If you are one of them, (coz i am one of them)use a face wash rather than a soap to wash your face.Soaps take out all the water and natural oils out of the skin and as a result, skin produces more oil to compensate.
4) Blot the oil from your skin. To keep that shine on your skin under control,blot it away with blotting paper throughout the day. 
5) Wash your makeup brushes weekly. Your skin is oiler in the summer and so makeup brushes that you use on your face during these months get clogged up more readily with oil and dirt promoting more unwanted bacteria growth. And using these "dirty" brushes can promote acne break-outs.So wash your brushes more frequently in the summer.
Those are 5 simple summer skin care tips anyone can follow. Don't neglect your skin during the hottest months of the year!

What are your summer skin care tips....share with me....

Love you all...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Mini Haul

Hello beauties,

Recently i did some shopping and today i got my stuff.So here are the pictures of products i bought:

Hope you all like it.....

Cheryl Cole at London premiere

Cheryl Cole is a style hit in hot white Victoria Beckham dress at London premiere

I love her dress and the smokey eye is really smoking....

What do you think girls?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beware of Blog Sales

Almost 3 weeks before a blogger conducted a Blog sale and i placed the order of  the following items:
Colorabr Velvet Matte Lipstick Naked Pink
Jordana Ls lipstick Plum Wine
Lakme Enrish Satin Lipstick 138

and the total amount was Rs.409/-    And i transferred the amount very same day and next day she confirmed that she has got the money.But now here comes the real story,after 1 week i sent a mail to her that i still have not received my products, she said she will confirm with courier people.Than there was NO REPLY from her.Then i asked her to give me the Courier Docket number.I kept on asking then she gave me some no and i called the courier people and they told me that they never had any courier for my address.
I wrote to her stating the same and then she replied that she has confirmed from courier people and they have the POD.I said send me a copy of that POD and guess what she never sent me that POD.
Then i said you should check with courier people and the reply which i got from her was really shocking.
She said "I have got the package and i am lying."
After reading this i was so shocked and why in this freaking world i would lie for 3 lipsticks.
And till now there is no information about my products.

I was pretty excited when i entered the blogging world seeing all helpful girls.I was so happy but now i face the reality that wherever you go,you meet all kinds of people.They are everywhere.
As far as i know "this is sender  responsibility to make sure that the receiver has received the goods".
And i never got it.
All i want to say i have lost my money.So all you girls, who gets excited to see that there a BLOG SALE,before making the payment ,please make sure that you know the person and you trust that person.
Because i know i would not be repeating my mistake again ever.

Happy Blogging & Be Careful..........

Love you all..........

Best Dressed in Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift
Even without her famous curls, Taylor Swift looks smart and sophisticated in this snappy red dress.I loved this dress.

Miley Cyrus
It's no surprise Miley Cyrus caught the camera's eye in this risque blazer-meets-miniskirt combo.   

Which one do you like the most?I love both.....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Simple Yet Stunning!

Today i want to tell you about one of my style icon.I simply love her.The way she dresses and does her makeup.I love everything about her.
Recently she attended FIFI Fragrance Awards and she was wearing this dress with minimal make-up. Isn't she looking gorgeous.Love the body hugging dress with no heavy jewelery.

She loves nude lip color.You will find her wearing nude lippies almost all the times.And the fantastic face contouring,that defines her face like Jewell.
I love whatever she wears and any make-up she wears.
So what do you think girls?Do you like her style too...

Maybelline Colossal kajal:Review & Swatches

Hello to all my beautiful readers,

Let me start by telling you all that i am a kajal girl.you can say that very first product i have purchased years ago was Kajal.I have used all different brands and homemade kajal.Earlier when in school days,my mom used to make kajal every Diwali,which used to last for the whole year.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fab India Clove Gel pack:Review

Hello everyone,

I am happy to tell you girls that finally i am feeling better now.And let me start by telling you once again that i have super oily skin which is very much acne prone :-(  and my hunt for acne products never stops.And in my skin care routine, face packs are must.So today i am going share my experience with another face pack, which is Fab India Gel Pack.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Konad False Eyelashes Review

Hey Girls,

Hope everyone is doing great.Last few says were not that good for me coz i was lying on bed due to sickness.
Sleeping most of the times.Today i am feeling much better so thought to write a review.So today i am going to share experience with Konad False Lashes.

Blog Awards!

Hello Everyone,

I was not well from last 3-4 days and today i checked my blog and found that Divine Blush of http://divineblush.blogspot.in has awarded me all theses awards.I am feeling so happy and excited now that i  have almost  forgotten my sickness.
Thank you so much Divine Blush for making my day and making me feel better.
1st Award

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabindia Tea Tree Toner:Review

Hello to all beauties.....

As everyone knows that how important CTM routine is for all of us.I have been following CTM for few months now and it does make difference in the skin.
So today i am going to share my experience about the toner ,i have been using for quite some time now.


Get to know me Tag

I have been tagged by Shy of  http://prettyprincesspage.blogspot.in.The rules are...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Online Shopping Exp. with Medpusbeauty.com

Hello to all my Lovely Ladies,

Today i want to share my experience with medplusbeauty.com.On this site you can get mostly all brands.And time to time they give very nice discounts which i like the most.Who doesn't like discounts?Recently i did some shopping from this site and this is not first time i have done from this site.So i placed the order on 5th May and i got it delivered today in the morning at 8:00A.M.So here are some pictures about the packaging.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

faces Go Chic: Glazzy Orchid Review & Swatches

Hello babes..

Today i am going to tell about my experience with faces lippi which i got i think 2-3 months back.The shade is Glazzy Orchid.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wise She Lakme Summer Giveaway

Hello all Gorgeous.............

I am so excited to tell you that wiseshe.com is conducting a Giveaway.So all the beauties ,if interested check out the website and participate to win the prizes.

Here is list of  Prizes
1*  Lakme Sun Experts Fairness +UV Lotion SPF30 UVB
2*  Lakme Sun Experts Fairness +UV Lotion SPF30 UVB
3*  Lakme Sun Experts Skin Lightening +De Tan
4*  Lakme Sun Lightening +De Tan after Sun Gel
5*  Lemon Yellow lakme Bag too

For more details go and checkout wiseshe.com

Untill next time Cyaaa

Image:Taken from wiseshe.com

Outfit @ My Friend's Wedding

Hellooooooooo to all Hot babes........

Hope you all had nice weekend.This weekend i had to go my friend's wedding.It was great fun there.So i am sharing the outfit i was wearing.It is a saree i bought 2-3 months back.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Biotique Bio-clove Anti Blemish Face Pack:Review

Hello beauties,

Tell me start by telling you this that I have super oily skin which is prone to acne. And its been a long time that I have seen my face without acne. I am always searching for products which will help my skin .

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Make-up & outfit @my sisters wedding

Hello all Gorgeous ladies,

As i said earlier as well i am a complete novice when it comes to make-up but i have been reading and following some blogs religiously for quite some time now and that motivated me to do my own make-up so i decided to do Shubarambh at my sisters wedding .After hours of practicing i was able to achieve what i wanted.
So Today want to share with you all and please tell me how well did i do my make-up?

If you think i did some mistakes(which i suppose i did few) so please feel free to share.

Love u all..........

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