Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beware of Blog Sales

Almost 3 weeks before a blogger conducted a Blog sale and i placed the order of  the following items:
Colorabr Velvet Matte Lipstick Naked Pink
Jordana Ls lipstick Plum Wine
Lakme Enrish Satin Lipstick 138

and the total amount was Rs.409/-    And i transferred the amount very same day and next day she confirmed that she has got the money.But now here comes the real story,after 1 week i sent a mail to her that i still have not received my products, she said she will confirm with courier people.Than there was NO REPLY from her.Then i asked her to give me the Courier Docket number.I kept on asking then she gave me some no and i called the courier people and they told me that they never had any courier for my address.
I wrote to her stating the same and then she replied that she has confirmed from courier people and they have the POD.I said send me a copy of that POD and guess what she never sent me that POD.
Then i said you should check with courier people and the reply which i got from her was really shocking.
She said "I have got the package and i am lying."
After reading this i was so shocked and why in this freaking world i would lie for 3 lipsticks.
And till now there is no information about my products.

I was pretty excited when i entered the blogging world seeing all helpful girls.I was so happy but now i face the reality that wherever you go,you meet all kinds of people.They are everywhere.
As far as i know "this is sender  responsibility to make sure that the receiver has received the goods".
And i never got it.
All i want to say i have lost my money.So all you girls, who gets excited to see that there a BLOG SALE,before making the payment ,please make sure that you know the person and you trust that person.
Because i know i would not be repeating my mistake again ever.

Happy Blogging & Be Careful..........

Love you all..........


  1. I don't believe this..how can one person lie so much and stoop to such a level..! Everyone else also received the courier..and even your order was received in 2 days..as per the signed POD ! How can u lie for 400 Rs.!!

    1. You never sent me POD and let me tell you again i am not blaming you for everything it could be something to do with courior company but you should have checked....

  2. Nisha i dont think any reputed blogger would do this not matter what amount is involved . . .must be courier mishap . . . ask bhumika to get you the courier name and tracking id and you should go and check with the local office . ..

    1. Rashmi ,
      thats what i said she dint give me any tracking no or POD....I am not blaming her for everything that could be the courier mishap as well but it was her responsibility to confirm not mine....

  3. Oh. I don’t know what to say! Guess we all bloggers should be responsible. This is really bad. Thanks for this post!


    1. no megha,not all bloggers are like that...
      the only reason i posted this is that she should have taken the responsibility ....thats all.....nothing else....

  4. You know, a lot of sales and giveaways carry a disclaimer saying they won't be responsible if the package gets lost or is damaged in transit:)

    1. as i am new to this blogging world Emm,i dint know this fact otherwise i would never have opted for any blog sale....And i dont agree with this that noone will be responsible for that....


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