Friday, May 4, 2012

Biotique Bio-clove Anti Blemish Face Pack:Review

Hello beauties,

Tell me start by telling you this that I have super oily skin which is prone to acne. And its been a long time that I have seen my face without acne. I am always searching for products which will help my skin .

After reading so many good reviews about Biotique Bio-clove face pack I decided to try this and guess what it worked for me Yapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


It comes in green tub like other Biotique products but really doesn’t bother me as soon as the product works for me and it does.

How to use:

Now this is my HG face pack, I use this twice a week and I am so happy with results.

Things I like about Biotique Bio-clove Anti Blemish Face Pack

1* It reduces the oil from my skin.
2* It doesn’t make me feel dry.
3* Visible results if applied at bed time.
4* Reasonable priced.
5* It reduces the acne.

I am in love with this product as you can see it is almost finished.
Would i be buying it again: Off-course 

So all the oily babes like me should try this out and if this doesnt work for you then send it to me on discounted price.lolz.

Love you all.............


  1. heard a lot abt this...nice review!!!u have a cute blog all the best with ur blog!!

  2. nice review.i too have skin like yours but now acne free but will try this pack,preventive measures you see :) nice review

  3. happy it works... Nice review..

  4. Hi
    Thank you for this post. Even I have an acne prone skin. I use Just Herbs Rose pack. It is really good.


    1. if you have acne prone skin Megha than surely you will like it...

  5. Thanks for your review. All the Biotique products are of good quality. you can buy online biotic products from browsecart(.)com

  6. Very truely said.. This product actually works and u will love ur skin

  7. yeah its really works i use too.........

  8. yeah its really works i use too............


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