Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maybelline Colossal kajal:Review & Swatches

Hello to all my beautiful readers,

Let me start by telling you all that i am a kajal can say that very first product i have purchased years ago was Kajal.I have used all different brands and homemade kajal.Earlier when in school days,my mom used to make kajal every Diwali,which used to last for the whole year.
I know that i am going to tell you about the product which almost everyone has used and loved it.But let me be honest that i recently bought this and and now i am also in the list of "Colossal Kajal lovers".

(Original Price:Rs.150 but i got this with discount yapeeee)

Now i have been using this for the last couple of weeks and not only me but my sisters also love this.
I love the sleek look and i love this yellow color stick.Its so cute.Dont you think so?
The color is so intense and black.
It doesn't smudge in my eyes which i love the most coz most of the kajal's will be around your eyes in some time rather than staying on the water line.
It stays for hours in my water line. 
Today i was at my mom's house and today i have my little sister as model.She was pretty excited for that.
And here comes Miss Urmil,my sweetu.This is how this kajal looks on her.And she loves this kajal so much that she has already told me to get one for her.

So tell me if you have used this kajal?


  1. HG kajal nisha . . .totally in love with it :)

  2. hiii
    i totally agreed with the review :)
    it's a good kajal and a v low price

  3. nice review Nisha.. and no doubt .. it is an amazing product.. and scores good on every concerned aspect..:)
    U are lucky that u have a little sis whom u can use as a model.. but i have to do every thing on me even though i am tired somedays..:) no option.. <3 <3

    1. you will be amazed to know that i have 5 younger sisters....i have full gang of models.... lolz..


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