Friday, August 1, 2014

I am back & need Help!

Hello to all my friends!

OMG i have missed you all very much all this time.Its been a very long time ,i have interacted with you guyz. It was because of my pregnancy and than delivery and handling my new born .It was really tough for me to handle everything.I couldn't get time to write anything.Now my boy has turned 10 months and finally i get some time for myself so here i am again.
So friends today i am here because i need some help with my skin care and hair care.
My skin is in really bad condition. I have gained weight and facing hair fall.I dint care for anything but my boy for 10 months now i see myself in the mirror and tell myself that "you really need Help".
So finally i have decided to take care of everything one by one.So here are the things i need to focus on
* My Weight
*Skin Issues
*Hair problems
Overall i am a Mess at this moment.I don't know from where to start and what to do.
I really need some help and suggestions to kick off everything.So pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease girlies help me out.
Suggest me some skin care products like night cream.I have heard and read about night cream a lot.It helps skin to recover and repair in night time.I have oily and pimple prone skin so if you can help me getting a good night cream.
Waiting for your suggestions!

love you all....

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