Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabindia Tea Tree Toner:Review

Hello to all beauties.....

As everyone knows that how important CTM routine is for all of us.I have been following CTM for few months now and it does make difference in the skin.
So today i am going to share my experience about the toner ,i have been using for quite some time now.


It comes in a clear plastic bottle.As the name suggests it is of light green color.
I really like this toner because it does clean the dirt which your face wash couldn't.
Beauties with large pores should try this coz it does minimize the pores.
It doesn't have any strong smell.
And it is reasonably priced.

Overall, I am in love with this,as you can see the bottle is almost finish and i need to get another one.So far this is best toner i have ever used.It is best for oily skin.

I could not think of any bad thing about this. :-)

Overall rating:4.5/5

So never forget to follow CTM..........

Take care & love you all.............


  1. seems gr8 product..Thanks for the info..

  2. this looks gr8...tea tree somehow always attracts me!!ur d.p is sooo gud.
    ty so much for visiting me...

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  4. Great review, I don't understand how some people can forget to cleanse tone and moisturize x

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